AOL supply BOP handler & transporter which allows the BOP to be moved and serviced in staked condition and also capable of aligning the BOP on the well centre precisly, BOP can be safely tilted and rested on the frame to become as tranporter and you can move BOP very safely to the site and it helps to reduce your rig up time and also can handle the BOP safely with low risk of damage.

We provide two years warrenty and provide one free service visit the first year, Please email us on for all your Land Rig BOP handler requirements.



Basic Regulations & Standards :

1. API , 2. ABS , 3. DNV

4. LEEA, 5.IRATA , 6. IRS

7. DIN , 8.ASME , 9. OSHA

10. CMAA, 11. ANSI, 12. ASTM

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