Drilling Contractors

Drilling Contractors Solutions:

AOL team has worldwide experience, expertice and capability in Engineering, Project management, Inspection and refurbishment of offshore & onshore drilling rigs, we provide wide array of solutions for this market segemnt and are given below : 

AOL- RA division offers Engineeirng, Project Management,  inspection, repair, installation, refurbishment and replacement services for Floating & Fixed Drilling rigs & vessels

IRM services: Engineering services:
Derrick – Installation Derrick upgrade study
Derrick Services Derrick Analysis
TDS Guide Rail Survey Capacity Upgrade
TDS Guide Rail Repairs Structural Analysis
Drop Object Survey Structural Componenet design
API 4G Catagory III Inspections Equipment Life cycle Analysis
API Catagory IV land rig inspection API regulation & Inspectiuon analysis
LGI – Lifting Gear Inspections  
Derrick Bolts Inspection & Installation Refurbishment services:
Mechanical & Electrical Installation, Removal and replacement services  Derrick Refurbishment
TDS, Travelling Block Removal & Installation Pipe Handling Equipment
Crown Inspection, Removal & Installation Mechanical handling Equipments
API inspection, repair and certification Winch system
Helideck – Underside Inspection Structural refurbishment
Helideck – Integrity Survey BOP Crane refurbishment
Helideck – Perimeter Net Installation, Inspection, Replacement BOP Handling System
Helideck – Drop Test MLRP crane refurbishment
Helideck – Load Test Catwalk Machaine refurbishment
Cable Tray Installations  
Pad Eye Installations Speciality Services:
Crane Inspection Rig Machinery preservation
Class Inspection Survey support services Cold staking PMS
Structural Integrity Survey Warm Stacking PMS 
Thickness Survey Rig Activation services
Jack Up Legs – Inspection  
Jack Up Legs – Bracing Replacement Land Rig Speciality Services:
K-Joint Replacement Mast capacity Analysis & Certification 
Monkey Ladder Repairs Mast & Substructure Repair 
Monkey Ladder Installations API Category III & IV inspection 
Jetting Pipe Replacement Land Rig Activation services
Ladder Replacement Crown Block supply -API 8C
Anode Survey Travelling Block supply 
  BOP handler & transporter supply



Basic Regulations & Standards we follow:

1. API , 2. ABS , 3. DNV

4. LEEA, 5.IRATA , 6. IRS

7. DIN , 8.ASME , 9. OSHA

10. CMAA, 11. ANSI, 12. ASTM


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